My name is Geoff Gilson.

In keeping with the header pic, my life has been and continues to be an adventure in swing states.

I began as an upwardly-mobile wannabe Parliamentarian in a swish, leafy suburb, twenty miles to the west of London, England.

Then, my life got turned upside down when my political mentor turned up dead in a woodland glade, just outside of town.

I started asking sensible questions. In silly places. Spent twenty-seven years getting chased around the globe by intelligence agents, researching, writing.

Had a couple of nervous breakdowns. Got some tattoo’s. Published the book. ‘Maggie’s Hammer.’

Settled in North Carolina. Joined a co-op. Made a nuisance of myself telling progressives they weren’t really progressive.

Decided I could be a pop star. Released an EP of catchy glitter pop called ‘Beguiling!!’ I mean, why should ‘Wham!’ corner the market on the exclamation point. Call myself ‘Pop Voxx.’

Which. Um. Is where I am now. Oh. Yeah. Since everyone who wants their fifteen minutes of fame needs a shtick. Mine is ‘The Deathplan.’

You know. You’re curled up in bed. Dark room. Middle of the night. What is it all for? Why am I still here?

And hey presto. Give your life meaning. Don’t come up with a Lifeplan. Hell no. Come up with a Deathplan.

So. How does that work? You imagine yourself on your death bed. Oh, don’t even. We do that every Saturday night. Give me a break.

You’re on your death bed. And right then. Boom. Oh gosh. I wish I’d …


Think of the six things you wished you’d done. Not the all-encompassing, global, I want-to-impress-St-Peter ambitions. Nope. The bog standard, simple, achievable goals.

I came up with mine in 1999. The trick is, you become so focused on the achievable. You can cope with almost anything.

So. I hear you say. So. How’s that working out? Why do you think I’m writing a bloody blog? And don’t cheat. Using the ‘Search’ button won’t help. I’ve disguised the subject headings.

I mean. This is a blog about bipolarity. It’s supposed to drive you nuts.